Where YOU(th) Want To Be

The SpotWhere YOU(th) Want To Be, is the youth satellite of the Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre. Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre is a community based organization driven by passion, innovation and a strong commitment to social justice, community engagement and collaboration. Our Vision is a healthy Jane Finch community – strong, inclusive, socially and politically active through diversity, opportunity and participation.

The Spot is located in the Yorkgate Mall and offers programs and services for youth between the ages of 13-29 years of age. Our youth programs are committed to increasing and building the leadership skills of youth, optimizing their personal, social, and vocational competency in order to achieve his or her full potential, ultimately reducing the effects of poverty.

The goal of our programs is to prevent violence and drug misuse as well as to promote healthy lifestyle choices. This is done through social, educational, art and recreational programming, after-school programs, leadership and mentoring programs, drop-ins, outings, volunteer and employment opportunities.

The benefits include: making new friends, gaining leadership skills, contributing to the community and opening minds to new ideas (violence prevention, anti-racism, sexual health, peer mentoring, alcohol and drugs). Youth may receive community service hours.

The Spot works with partnering organizations to deliver even more programs to youth by sharing space, providing support, and collaborating on programs together.


Goals for Youth

• Have fun and meet new friends in an encouraging learning environment
• Develop leadership skills
• Participate in academic and professional training and development
• Get your community service hours
• Contribute to your community
• Explore diversity and open your mind to new ideas

Goals for The Spot

• Build peace in the community and prevent violence
• Educate and promote anti-racism, anti-classism, and anti-sexism
• Teach youth about sexual health
• Provide peer-mentoring opportunities
• Encourage self-expression through different forms of art
• Teach youth about risks involved in alcohol and drug-use
• Develop and build healthy relationships
• Help youth find and prepare for employment opportunities
• Be an integrated part in developing the community