Adelaide Boachie-Danquah

Adelaide Boachie-Danquah is a settlement outreach worker at The Spot. She has been a part of this organization for 10 years and looks forward to many more.

She graduated from Centennial College with a diploma in Social Service Worker program (SSW) and obtained a degree with Honours in Sociology as well as a degree in Indigenous studies at York University. 

Adelaide started as a placement student at Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre and was later hired as a Youth Settlement Outreach Worker at the Spot. When she started at The Spot as a youth, she experienced some of the systemic challenges that so many other youth in the Jane and Finch area face. 

"The services we offer excite me because when I was growing up, such programs did not exist and my peers had nowhere and no one to access for support. The Spot has helped bridge that gap and it also provides an opportunity to mentor and support other youth in various capacities such as outreach, settlement services, group work and other services that they require.  In addition, it has helped me to grow personally and professionally."

"We serve such a diverse group of youth who bring tremendous knowledge, experience, and culture to The Spot. What excites me even more is coming to work every day and being a part of this rich and flavourful atmosphere. The Spot is not just a place where youth want to be, it is also a place where I want to be."