Needs Assessments and Referrals:

Is a systematic way of looking at what participants needs are and then recommending and referring you to appropriate services. Upon your initial visit with us, a participant intake and needs assessment is conducted to develop an understanding of clients’ immediate needs.

    In order to receive services suited to their needs, newcomers, with the help of a Settlement Program Worker, fill out a formal needs assessment document. This assessment provides the basis for developing a settlement and integration plan.

    To meet the newcomer’s needs, Settlement Program Worker may direct him or her to other community agencies that provide specific services not available at the North/ West Settlement Integration Services.

    Welcoming Newcomer’s Program has an extensive network of partners working in various areas: economic, social, educational, legal, cultural and artistic, sports and recreation, family support and others.

           •  Focuses on the ends (i.e., outcomes) to be attained, rather than the means (i.e.,  process).


Welcoming Communities and Information & Orientation:

This service enables newcomers to access the information and guidance they need in order to settle in their community, to prepare their entry into the Canadian labour market and to become active Canadian citizens. 

Under this component, the following services are offered:

    Social and Recreational Programming

    Homework Support- 1x during the week, and every Saturday morning.

    English Conversation Circles- Improvement of language skills

    Employment Support Assistance- development of soft and professional skills

    Newcomers Girls Group


We also provide ongoing educational workshops, such as:

    Introduction To Canada

   Citizenship Preparation Test

    Sources Of information on rights

    Rights And Freedoms

    Canadian Law And Justice

    Assistance in completing immigration forms and other forms of assistance

    Employment and income



    Health services

    Money and finances

    Transportation, communication and media

    Legal issues

    All other questions relating to settlement and integration

In addition to group sessions and workshops on these various subjects, The Spot organizes sessions on parenting skills for immigrant parents. These workshops are made possible through our agency inter-agency support system The Ontario Early Years Centre, in addition to other agencies that are committed to educating and informing individuals.


We also provide services who encourage the participation of newcomers in other areas, such as: 

Translation And Interpretation Service

Settlement Program Workers assist newcomers in interpreting and understanding information conveyed to them, requests addressed to them and documents they receive.

Altogether, the staff at The Spot speak 8 different languages according to the following language profile: all the staff speak both official languages of Canada and use French as the working language; additionally:






Several other languages are spoken across the agency.  If the above listed languages are not applicable to you, please contact us directly so we can find the necessary resources to provide support.

 Solution Focused Counseling Service

The staff provides solution based counseling to clients and will refers newcomers experiencing personal, family or emotional difficulties to inter-agency/agencies providing related specialized services to specific target groups, including women, youth, parents and seniors.



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